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PostSubject: For Grander   For Grander Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 10:25 am

1. Your in-game name: RDT>Spider[CSI]
2. Your in-game account name: Anar
3. Your age: 13
4. Your Nationality: Azerbaijan
5. What are your worst skill?: Swimming
6. What is your best skill?: Driving and Shooting
7. What are your driving skills [1-10] ?:9-10
8. What are your weapons skills [1-10] ?:10-10
9. Your Hydra skills [1-10]: 8/10
10. Your Hunter skills [1-10]:7/10
11. Do you understand all the Rules and Codes?: yes
12. Have you been punished by a staff?: yes but I am now nice man
13. Do you know and understand all the global CIT rules?: yes
14. Your English skills [1-10]: 8/10
15. Something about yourself (Atleast 150 words): I am from Azerbaijan and I was born in Shamkir.I live in Baku.I'm 13 years old.I live with my mum,dad,brother and my cousin..My hobby is play computer games.My best game is MTA San Andreas CIT server.I play CIT server always but I play other games a few.Because this server is the best server in my life.I'm a good detective in game.Once I arrested 2 players together.They had 6 stars.And I got 43k money and 631 WL. I was shocked then.I love to work as Police in Drug Shipment and as a medic in Bank Robbery.I heal Cops.I will be real police in my real life.I will arrest bad boys.I hate them.If I accept,i will be very happy and lucky! I am a member of CSI and i learned from them many things and as they say they prepared me to Official groups , they trained me to get ready for the best group that is AF . I will help you as i can to protect the citizens of SA and make CIT world better!
16. I will follow all the rules: yes
17. I will take orders from every higher rank as me: yes
18. I will abuse my powers to DM other people: no
19. I will spawn hunters and hydras even if I am a RCT: yes
20. I will break CIT global rules: No
21. Why should we accept you in the Armed Forces? You should accept me to AF becuase i am very good cop and i listen to order and never disobey them.
I gained much expirience from CSI group and i learned many things that i didnt know. AF is my love and i want to join them becuase they are pro and they have nice organization as a team. I think i have the skills to join as TRL tot your group and improve my self to higher ranks.
22. I confirm that this application is written by myself and filled in honest: yes
23. Your timezone: UTC+04:00 Baku
24. I use IRC / I am able to use IRC: i dont use but if u show me i can use it
25. Arrests screenshot (Have to be from police computer):
26. Hours screenshot:
27. Punishlog screenshot (use /punishlog):

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PostSubject: Re: For Grander   For Grander Icon_minitimeWed Jul 04, 2012 10:30 am

now look it Smile
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For Grander
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